Nomar Garciaparra Weighs In On Seagers Injury And Dodgers Struggles

Corey Seager

SportsNet LA analyst, Nomar Garciaparra, joins Petros and Money to talk about Corey Seagers injury and what it means to the Dodgers season. Garciaparra played shortstop in the MLB for nine years with the Boston Red Sox before switching to third and second base.  He gave his thoughts on why the Dodgers can't catch a break right now. 

"Well I will tell you, I think one they obviously got to a horrible start in a sense where collectively I mean nothing seems to by clicking. Early on in the season it was the offense that wasn't there and the pitching staff was doing their job and then all of a sudden the offense seems to have a day where they are doing well and then the pitching staff struggles and then now bullpen seems be struggling, the offense will be there. It's just not in sync and then obviously the injuries aren't helping either. So theres a lot of things that kind of happening all at one time almost like a perfect storm it seems like to have a start like this."

Garciaparra also talked about Corey Seagers injury and how he will come back after surgery and rehabilitation. 

"For a position player coming back from Tommy John is a lot different from a pitcher coming back from Tommy John. Thats why I think when you look at the time table. The time table tends to be a lot different for a position player than a pitcher and for obvious reasons. I mean the wear and tear of a pitcher and how many times throwing compared to what you're doing as a position player even as a shortstop. I remember when your'e playing with a sore arm whether its your elbow, your shoulder or whatever it is you're going well how many times do I have to throw it and let it go over a course of a game compared to if I where pitching and have to let it go every single moment when the ball is my hand and throwing it to a batter.I guarantee you Corey Seager obviously now they saw some stuff in the MRI but the pain he was playing with, we know that was no secret that he was dealing with it last year and how was he able to get through it because when you really look at it how times do you have to let it go from the shortstop position. Because even if the ball is hit right at you, you move your feet properly your'e legs are allowing to through the ball at the first base compared to really letting it go and having to air it out which a lot of times pain would come from there. So him coming back I think he could come back possibly sooner than you usually see pitchers. I don't know everybody heals different. When you look at it now that way and I don't think its going to affect him if everything goes correctly. I don't think it will effect for his career going forward."

Listen to the full interview below. 

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