Chris Broussard on Paul George: "I Think He Will Be With The Lakers"

Paul George

Fox sports analyst, Chris Broussard, catches up with Roggin and Rodney to talk about the Lakers odds of landing Paul George in free-agency, LeBron possibility leaving Cleveland and more. After a rocky season and a frustrating first round exit in the playoffs, Broussard believes the George is certainly leaving OKC and will end up on the Lakers. 

"As far as anyone can see, he's out of there. I don't see why he is staying. I know he has been saying the right things but if you talk to people in Indiana they'll say well he was saying the right things publicly up until until the moment he left Indiana. I think he is just being politically correct. I think he does have a legitimate friendship with Russell Westbrook he wants to make sure that doesn't get tainted to the best that he can. But I think he is out of there. I think he will be with the Lakers. But I wouldn't rule out a couple of other possibilities."

Although all signs point to the Lakers, George will look to keep his options open heading into free-agency. Broussard says that although the Lakers have the best chance to land George, they should consider several factors before pulling the plug on the five time all-star. 

"I think he'd be a great fit with the Philadelphia 76ers. So I think he should consider that but look everybody around the league and anybody that knows Paul they'll say he wants to be with the Lakers. Here's my thing with the Lakers. I'm speaking from a Lakers perspective and I like Paul George he is an all NBA type performer. But he is not a number one guy. He's not, not if you want to win championship. There's no question ok. And here's the thing. If me signing Paul George to a make deal this summer is going to get me LeBron James, then I'm all for it. I'm doing it no seconds off. However, if all I get is Paul George, if I'm not getting a Kawhi Leonard or anybody else with him, I at least have to think about that long and hard if I'm the Lakers. I would pause, I'm not saying I definitely wouldn't do it but I would really think twice about that because who's to say that a Brandon Ingram or maybe one of their other young players couldn't be as good as or maybe better than Paul George in two years. So I know they got a young core of guys that they are probably going to want to keep and so you have to project that you have to spend that type of money and in a few years how good is Paul George going to be. I'm just saying if he is my only guy I am getting this summer I don't think it's a no brainer, I'll put it that way. I think the Lakers would do it but I would pause."

Listen to the full interview below. 

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