Daniel Hudson Shares Journey Back To Pros and Transitioning To Bullpen

David Vassegh is joined with Dodgers reliever Daniel Hudson to discuss his journey back to the pros after three Tommy John surgeries and his transition from the starting rotation to the bullpen.

Hudson on fighting to get healthy and back to the pros:

It was all about having a support system at home and with Arizona, you know I owe them everything, by that organization really taking care of me when they really didn't have to... The guys in the clubhouse were fantastic making me feel like I was still part of the team and wanting to go the the field everyday.

Hudson on his transitioning to reliever:

Its a different transition. Having to figure out... a routine to get you ready to go every single night took a little while for me to get that going. But it seemed like I kinda got my own little routine going and I am ready to get out there every night and compete.

Listen to the full interview above.

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