San Diego State Stadium Plan Reveals NFL Potential

San Diego State Stadium

San Diego State University really wants to upgrade their stadium, and threw out a few ideas Thursday to sweeten plans and entice the NFL.

SDSU's Mission Valley 35,000 seat stadium is currently home to the Aztecs. But they want to upgrade to a new 55,000 seat stadium that would be perfect for a NFL team.

The plans would also add 82 suites, 50 loge boxes, two end-zone party decks, six exterior balconies and five different club sections. In other words, all the amenities found in professional sports venues.

SoccerCity, a group who is trying to bring the MLS to San Diego, says they believe that Major League Soccer could easily work with the SDSU current setup and that chasing the NFL could hurt plans to bring a soccer team to the school.

Photo: Getty Images

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