Mark Prior Discusses His Transition From Player To Coach

Mark Prior With The Chicago Cubs

Dodgers bullpen coach, Mark Prior, joins Rick Monday to weigh in on how he transitioned from playing to coaching, the team's pitching and more. 

Mark Prior was a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs but only last four seasons due to a series of injuries. However, the former USC Trojan did make an MLB All-Star roster in 2003. As far as his transition to coaching, Prior says its something that he never thought about as player but is glad he was able to return to baseball. 

"I got done playing and an opportunity presented itself to get back to the game post-playing and I jumped on it and I tried to learn the game from the other side. Worked a little bit in the front office down in San Diego. You know that led to getting on the field as a coordinator and thats led me to this opportunity with the Dodgers. But I think once I got into coaching and working with some of the younger players and the ability to possibly impact their careers, It was fun getting back out there on the field and coaching."

Prior had great success in his short career due to his pre-game preparation. During his career, he always appeared to be mad while on the mound. However, Prior said that he was trying to lock in before the game; something veteran players showed him. 

"I don't know if I was always mad. But I guess as my kids tell me, I have a very mad look at times. Most of the time I'm just thinking a lot. Thinking about different things. It's not so much that there's any anger or hostility building up inside me. It's more me processing information. Early in my career I was around a lot of great veteran players and kind of the whole clichè don't be heard and listen. I probably took it to heart. So I try to pick up information where I can."

Listen to the full interview. 

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