Cody Bellinger Talks Leadership Role From Either, Team Battling Slumps

Cody Bellinger

David Vassegh talks with Dodgers first baseman, Cody Bellinger, about how he learned from Andre Ethier and the team fighting through early season struggles. This year will be Bellinger first full season playing for the Dodgers. Last season, Bellinger had the opportunity to have a locker next to Andre Ethier. He says he was glad he got to learn from one of the Dodgers vets. 

"I think what he was really good at was keeping me humble. Whether I had a good game or a bad game, he would keep me even-keeled. I think that's the biggest part throughout the season is just trying to stay even-keeled He was a good mentor for me for sure."

Bellinger also talked about fighting through hitting struggles. During spring training, he was asked about his struggles even though the season hadn't started yet. However, he says that he has been locked in so far and that one of his teammates gave him a key piece of advice.  

"I'm going to have to make more adjustments throughout the year. Obviously I think I'm going to struggle this year that's just how the game goes. It's the same game I've been playing, I'm just trying to keep it easy and trying to keep it simple. I've still have felt really good at the plate. Results aren't there 100 percent as I'd like. But I'm still hitting fine and I'm still seeing the ball fine I just know there's more in the tanks. But ya I'm still feeling good and Seager brought me to what I was doing last year compared to what I was doing the beginning of this year and it's made a pretty big difference for me."

Catch the full interview below. 

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