Ross Strippling Talks About Teammate's Weddings, Off-Season

Dodgers pitcher Ross Strippling

Rick Monday talks with Dodgers pitcher, Ross Strippling, about his teammates weddings, his off-season preparation and more. 

Strippling was the first to get married on the team last after a series of teammate engagements. While he and the Dodgers had a busy season last year their off-season was still booked. This time with weddings. 

"The only one I missed was JT's it was down in Mexico. I missed that one. Mine was in Texas. Went to Alex's in Georgia. Kiki is getting married in Puerto Rico this coming off-season. We are definitely logging some miles as a team. It shows how close we are. Basically everyone was there at everyones weddings. It just shows how close friends we are in the locker room and shows that we support each other on and off the field. "

With plenty of weddings to attend in last years off-season, Strippling says he started to get back on track with his workouts once al the wedding ceremonies ended.

"You certainly sit down and I even sat down with Honeycutt at the end of last year and you kind of think about from the pitching side what you did well, what is something that you want to build on in the off-season, what's something you maybe want to work on and bring new to next season. For me for instance I want to start throwing my cutter to my arm side. I didn't do it, it's always been at glove side away at rightys in to leftys. That was something we kind of focused on and throw my changeup more."

Listen to the full interview below. 

Photo: Getty Images

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