Jim Mora Weighs In On Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen at UCLA

Former UCLA Bruins head football coach, Jim Mora, catches up with Petros and Money to talk about Josh Rosen ahead of the NFL Draft. 

"One of the great things about Josh Rosen is that he is young man that wants to understand everything about the game. He cant get enough and it's a great thing. Its very similar, I've had the chance to talk to Reggie Wayne a lot and Greg Knapp who coached Peyton Manning. They said god Peyton was that way. Meetings wouldn't end because Peyton would keep wanting why we're doing this and why are we doing that. It was never in a disrespectful tone, a disrespectful manner, it was always to try to get better and have a better understanding. That's Josh Rosen."

Earlier this month, Mora said that Sam Darnold would be a better fit at the No. 1 overall pick for the Cleveland Browns. Mora then called Rosen a "millennial" and said he needed to be challenged. However, Mora claims his comments were misconstrued and says he only has one regret about the situation. 

"My only regret, is that caused Josh to field a couple of phone calls from people that were confused by my comments. Like I said I stand by everything I said because I think what I said was clear, it was complimentary, it was consistent and I love the kid. I think he is going to be smashing success at the next level. He's like every other kid thats going to the next level. There is a learning curve. Listen to the full interview below."

Photo: Getty Images

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