Don Mattingly Talks "Staying True To Yourself" As A Manager

Marlins manager Don Mattingly

David Vassegh sits down with Don Mattingly to talk about his experiences as a manger and the influence from NBA coaches. 

Mattingly has been a manger in the MLB for seven years and says that he has always been himself. 

"You know who you are. I've always felt pretty comfortable. Just the principles that I believe in within the game and really within myself as a person. Its kinda when you see a Joe Madden and you've seen him do all kinds of crazy stuff. But it's really Joe's personality. Gabe Kapler in Philly, and you see stuff he's doing and a lot of people want to criticize Gabe but you to me Gabe's like thats who he is. I think as long as you have gotten great advice in the past you will always be yourself. And if you're yourself, guy know your original, and your authentic so whoever you are they except."

Mattingly also weigh in on Greg Popovich and how he has learned from him as a coach. 

"You ask about things like how he gets his players to play as a team you know the way they did. We talked about moments like it was a few years back and talked about Ginobili being at the scorers table and all of a sudden he calls him back and he runs to the bench and he sits down, looks up like he is watching the game and I was thinking if you put a pinch hitter in deck and pull him back and he looks at you like your crazy you've embarrassed him or whatever. You know that theres moments that theres an understanding there between him and his players that they trust he is doing whats best for the club."

Listen to the full interview below. 

Photo: Getty Images

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