Mike Silver Weighs In On Josh Rosen's Character

NFL Network analyst, Mike Silver, joins Petros and Money to weigh in on Josh Rosen and the NFL Draft.  Ahead of the draft, Silver says that Rosen's character might just be understood. 

"What I liked about him was that he was vulnerable that way. He did admit that he cared There are parts of the things that people say about him or the perception they have that he doesn't quarrel with. I think his attitude is if you want to hate me, hate me for the right reasons. There are parts of his image that he does quarrel with. He does like to speak his mind. He is hyper-confident. I know a lot of hyper-confident quarterbacks who really don't care if you don't like them. So I was kind of struck by the fact that at least by this young age he does."

Silver also compared Rosen to Aaron Rodgers, saying that both of them have a similar trait. 

"When Aaron was getting ready to replace Brett Favre, I remember saying on somebody's show, his extreme sense of self will serve him well in this very unique situation. Aaron absolutely believed he was going to succeed. So Josh definitely has some of that. A difference would be that Aaron wasn't particularly worried if he was likable to the outsiders. I don't necessarily think one is better than the other, I do like the hyper-confidence, he is very smart, Josh is. He notices a lot of things."

Listen to the full interview below. 

Photo: Getty Images

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