Daniel Jeremiah Talks NFL Draft

NFL Network analyst, Daniel Jeremiah, catches up with Petros and Money to weigh in on this years NFL Draft. Jeremiah says that Josh Rosen's character issues aren't a big deal-breaker amongst NFL coaches.

"The funny thing is when I talk to teams, the personality thing doesn't really come up. It's more about the durability that is the issue with teams that at least I'm talking to. So I don't hear as much about it. But yes there's has definitely been a lot of chatter in the media side of things. I think the fact that coach Mora has been working with us. He is on everyday and we talk about Josh Rosen everyday and those questions continue to get asked. But I do think it's more of a durability concern at least with the teams I've talked to."

With this years draft featuring a handful of quarterbacks, Jeremiah says that Baker Mayfield has a chance of getting drafted higher than expected. 

"There has definitely been a lot of chatter of Baker at one, Baker at three, Baker at five, teams trading up for Baker, so he's been kind of the hot name down the stretch here."

Jeremiah added that it can be risky to draft running backs high in the draft but says that it just depends on where teams are in their rebuilding phases. 

"I like having a running back when you have a young quarterback. Just because you can take a lot of that pressure off of them. I think that makes a lot of sense in having a young stud there. My whole thing is just don't miss. As long as every year your'e adding three guys, that's kind of the target, three quality starting players in every draft. You're going to be fine."

Listen to the full interview below. 

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