College Football Video Game To Return In 2020

College Football Video Game, Gridiron Champions

Fans have been waiting for a college football video game ever since EA Sports discontinued the popular NCAA Football series. With 'Gridiron Champions' by IMackulate Vision Gaming set to release in 2020, this wait is almost over.

NCAA Football 14 marked the last college football video game to be created. The series was discontinued over legal struggles regarding the NCAA and amateurism that had already ended the NCAA March Madness series years earlier.

'Gridiron Champions' will side-step the legal issues EA Sports encountered by having 126 fictional schools, rather than licensed NCAA teams. There appears to be a loophole for college football video game fanatics, however. 

IMackulate Vision Gaming reveals that they would like 'Gridiron Champions' to have in-depth custimization and roster share features.

Per the IMackulate Vision Gaming company website:

Gridiron Champions will allow players to feel the unique traditions, atmosphere, and pageantry that sets college football apart from any other sport! In regards to our rosters, we intend to use generically randomized rosters to avoid any legal ramifications dealing with current player likenesses. We would like to include customization and a roster share feature so that our players will be able to customize their college football gaming experience to their liking.

The newest college football video game will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Will you be picking up a copy?

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