Chris Taylor Discusses Dodgers Offense, Stealing Bases

David Vassegh catches up with Dodgers center fielder, Chris Taylor, to talk about the team's offense, stealing bases and Walker Beuhler's first start. Taylor says that even though the Dodgers may not be the hottest team when it comes to stealing bases, they get the fundamentals done. 

"We've always been pretty good base running team you know we have taking a lot pride in that part of our game. Even though we are probably the bottom of the league in stolen bases I feel like we did the little things well in taking that extra bases and getting those free nineties." 

Last year, Taylor had a knack for catching the pitcher off-guard as he stole 17 bases. He says that timing is everything when he steals for a base. 

"You have to anticipate it. You have to be expecting over there. If you're not stealing the base you have be aware of the ball angle, watch the flight to home and fi you see that down angle you have to be ready for it to kick away to get that jump."

Taylor also weighed in on Walker Buehler getting his first start in the majors.

"I think everyone is excited to see Walker honestly. We all know we he is capable of and getting his first big league start you know it's a huge game for him and we saw glimpses in spring training so we know the stuff is there and we realize how high is ceiling is."

Listen to the full interview below. 

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