1952 Mickey Mantle Rookie Card Sells For Nearly $3 Million

Mickey Mantle

Quick. Find that shoebox full of old baseball cards. You might be sitting on millions. Ok probably not. Unless you're Evan Mathis.

The former Denver Broncos offensive lineman just sold his mint condition 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card for a cool $2.88 million. That's the second highest price paid by a collector for a baseball card.

Mantle's rookie card has a better return on investment than real estate, stocks or even Bitcoin. In 1988, the card could be bought for $3,300. By 2007, it was still only worth in the 6 figures at $240,000.

Mathis decided to sell the card so he could buy a "dream home" for his wife and three daughters in Tennessee.

Photo: Getty Images

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