Don MacLean on Lakers/Kawhi Leonard, NBA Playoffs

Don MacLean joins Petros and Money to weigh in on the NBA playoffs, the Lakers chances of landing Kawhi Leonard and more. 

As the relationship between Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs crumbles, could the Lakers be a landing spot for the 26-year-old forward this summer? Don MacLean says the Lakers should give up key pieces to their young core if it means landing Leonard. 

"He's a cornerstone player for sure. He's one of the best five players in the league right now when healthy. Obviously you don't give away everything but to your point yes there's nothing untouchable in your organization that you wouldn't give up to get a Kawhi Leonard for sure."

The Lakers have also expressed interest all season in possibly signing Paul George. While George's team is currently in the playoffs, MacLean says that his next destination will be determined how for his team goes in the playoffs. 

"Russell is such a ball dominate fierce competitor, thinks he can win the game by himself and thats not a bad thing I'm saying its just that's how determined he is that i think would make you a little uncomfortable and a little who's turn is it? I don't know if Paul is unhappy in that scenario. I just think that it has been difficult for them to put it all together. What does that mean long term? I don't know. I don't think we will know anything until we see what OKC does in the playoffs.'

Catch the full interview below!

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