Angels Ask Ohtani Fans To Cheer More Quietly

Shohei Ohtani's debut has been one of the most exciting baseball stories in years, so you can understand if his fans are getting a little excited cheering him on.

According to USA Today, three women attending the Angels/Royals game at Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium were asked by security to stop cheering so loudly during Ohtani's at-bats.  And the request reportedly came from the Angels dugout.

The women were Japanese exchange students and reportedly didn't make a peep during Ohtani's next at-bat. Ohtani said that the excessive cheering didn't bother him. Per CBS Sports

"I was aware of that but I wasn't the one that asked for that. (The Angels) just did it so everyone could focus at the plate. I was thankful for that."

Ohtani's interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara, said the cheers are great but not everyone may like them. Per Sports Illustrated

"He heard it, he’s thankful for the cheers. But at the plate, he likes to focus and block out the noise.”

Ohtani is hitting .367/.424/.767 on the year so far and has struck out 18 batters in 13 innings on the mound.

Photo: Getty Images

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