Josh Fields Talks Parenthood, Secret To Staying Calm On The Mound

Dodgers reliever joined Rick Monday to talk about his first child and the tricks he uses to staying calm in pressure situations. Although Fields may not see his son often due his season, he was able to be with his child during the quick two-game series against the A's. Fields says he hasn't realized yet how much he is going to miss being with his son. 

I feel like it hasn't really sank in because he's not out here with me. So I know its true but i don't think it going to sink in till he's here with me, him and Brittney are here and taking care of him and being able to hold him.

Fields seemed to be calm as to when he would see his son again. Being a reliever, the 32-year-old says it be can stressful when the phone rings in the bullpen but shared some of his methods to staying calm when he takes the mound. 

I really like to focus on keeping me heart rate down and just being relaxed out there. A lot of breathing. I tell myself to breath and I just try to remind myself a lot that my savior Jesus is giving me this talent and ability. And I'm only going to do this for a fraction of my entire life. And this baseball thing is such a blessing to be able to do this at this level with this opportunity.

Despite the Dodgers struggles this year, Fields say has been focusing on only one thing this season. 

This year I've really been trying to make an effort in my own mind just saying you know what, of course its stressful its tight situations we're getting put it. This is the biggest stage you can play this game at. But just to remember to have fun. That's the thing I've been reminding myself. This year I want to have fun and I want to enjoy it.

Catch the full interview below! 

Photo: Getty Images

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