Mayweather On Rematch With McGregor: "Will Happen In The Octagon"

Will there be a Mayweather-McGregor rematch taking place in the octagon? So says one report. Although the fight has been agreed to, there are certain conditions. 

Omar Al Raisi, editor in chief of The Sports Journal, writes that the two will face off in the octagon under "modified rules". Those rules include: "No kicks, no take downs, no elbows, no knees". 

Forbes also has sources that say the match was set to be revealed last Thursday but McGregor's meltdown at the Barclays Center Media Event has delayed plans. The 29-year-old hasn't fought in the octagon since the UFC 205 win over Eddie Alvarez. However his striking coach, Owen Roddy, says a return is inevitable. Per Express

We can’t really talk about when he wants to return. But he’s adamant he’s getting back.”

When asked about coming out of retirement and fighting in the octagon, Mayweather kept it vague. Here's another quote from the Express article: 

“I spoke with Showtime, I spoke with CBS. If we can get together with Dana White and UFC to make a mega fight, one fight, it could be with Conor McGregor, we don’t know. When I do go to the Octagon, I look at going around 145. I want to do it if the money is right. I can do whatever I want to do, I’m Floyd Mayweather.”

If the fight happens, it will be co-promoted by McGregor Sports and Entertainment, Mayweather Promotions and the UFC. The Mayweather-McGregor boxing match in 2017 was one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

Should Mayweather have to adjust to the MMA style just like McGregor did for boxing? 

Photo: Getty Images

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