NFL Releases Postseason Media Guide

The NFL Playoffs are upon us, marking an exciting time for football fans everywhere. This is particularly true in Los Angeles, where the Rams will host the city's first NFL playoff game since January 1994. 

For the Rams, it will be their first time hosting a playoff game in L.A. since 1986. The team is set to host the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday at the Coliuseum, the latest step in a remarkable turnaround during the team's second year back in Southern California. Kickoff is set for 5:15PM on NBC.

Fans looking to kill time as they await this weekend's slate of Wild Card Round games have been handed a gift by the NFL, who has delivered no shortage of reading material.

All the information you need heading into this year's postseason is now available for download. Just clink the link below, and enjoy!

Photo: Getty Images

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