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Brought to you by Langer’s Deli, Home of the world’s best pastrami and The Original #19.

THE #19#19 – hand-cut hot pastrami, creamy cole slaw, Swiss cheese and tangy Russian dressing on double-baked rye bread. This is Langer’s most popular sandwich.

Al Langer created the #19 when he founded Langer’s Deli way back in 1947- 70 YEARS AGO

HAND-CUT PASTRAMIBecause Langer’s pastrami is steamed for hours until it’s tender, juicy and delicious – it MUST be hand cut.

WHY hand cut pastrami? Doing so preserves the character of the meat and allows the deli to create perfect sandwiches from perfect meat.

DOUBLE-BAKED RYE BREADDouble-baked rye bread – unique in the world, available only at Langer’s Deli.

What is it? It’s a delicious, seeded rye bread loaf that is parbaked – that is, baked about 70% done – by Langer’s bakery, then delivered to the deli, where Langer’s deli staff re-bake it for the final 30%.

Why double-bake bread? Because doing so creates incredibly warm, soft bread on the inside with a crispy crust out. Your bread arrives warm and fresh, each and every time.

CURB SERVICEDid you know Langer’s Deli offers CURB SERVICE?

It’s DELI TO GO with an extra level of “we bring it right to your car!”

It’s where you call them – (213) 483-8050 – and give them your order. Then you pull up in front of the deli – at 7th & Alvarado – and they bring your order right out to your car! You can even pay with a credit card right behind the wheel!

Langer’s Curb Service is a great way to get the best deli anywhere on your own terms – when you want, with the freedom to go where you want.

Available 8AM-4PM Monday-Saturday.

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