Spike Lee prematurely announces Colin Kaepernick signing (PHOTO)

Colin Kaepernick's lack of an NFL job has produced no shortage of material for columnists, beat reporters and social media activists, but for a brief moment on Saturday, it appeared this storyline would come to an end. 

Director Spike Lee posted an image of himself and Kaepernick to Instagram on Saturday, with a caption reading, "Big Love Shoutout To The Head Coach Pete Carroll For Signing My Brother Colin Kaepernick To The Seattle Seahawks. The Truth Is On Your Side. Much Success For The Coming NFL Season." Lee has since deleted the post, but SB Nation was able to capture a screenshot.

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Lee's post comes two days after the Seahawks became the first team to host the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback for a visit this offseason.

As noted by Seattle Times Seahawks reporter Bob Condotta, however, Kaepernick has not been signed by the team, and there are no developments beyond what he referred to as a 'good visit' this week.

It should be made clear that it is still very possible Kaepernick signs with the Seahawks. They are the only team to publicly show interest in the free agent quarterback this offseason, and it appears Kaepernick's skill set aligns with the team's offensive strategy -- given similarities to Seahawks starter Russell Wilson.

But for now, Kaepernick remains unemployed.

Photo: Getty Images

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