FnA Podcast: Dodgers trade talk, NBA parity and boxing's downfall

In the latest episode of the FnA Podcast, Adam Aslund and Kevin Figgers discuss NBA parity and Cavs-Warriors dominance. Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times also joins the show to discuss Dodgers trade options and the downfall of boxing.

Check it out below.

Segment 1: The boys debate if the dominance of the Warriors and Cavs is good or bad for the NBA, as well as if it's true that the rest of the league is worse than it used to be.

Segment 2: Dylan Hernandez from the LA Times comes on to discuss if the Dodgers are going to have a tougher time getting out of the NL West this year and if Yasiel Puig will be traded. Also, he gives a lesson on the sweet science, the downfall of boxing and if Canelo and GGG can save it."

Segment 3: In Geek News, how swearing can make you stronger and which games made it into the Video Game Hall of Fame this year.

Photo: Getty Images

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