Episode 5: Don't overlook bright future of Dodgers' young core

"That knocking sound you hear is Cody Bellinger. He's here, and I hope he stays."

In the latest installment of the "10 with Tim" podcast, Tim Cates touches on Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders and NFL Draft excitement in L.A. before diving into the bright future of the Los Angeles Dodgers -- which in light of a pedestrian start to the 2017 season, is getting overlooked.

From Corey Seager to the highly-anticipated arrivals of Cody Bellinger and Julio Urias this week, as well as the promising homegrown Dodgers still working their way through the minors, it's time to step back and ponder the limitless possibilities for this team.

Listen to Episode 5 below.

Photo: Getty Images

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