"Inside the Locker Room" with Doc Rivers: Full HD video

Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers joined Petros and Money "Inside the Locker Room" this week for an in-depth discussion that ranged from the value of players staying in college to the outlook for this Clippers team with the playoffs approaching.

Watch below for the full HD video from the event, which was brought to you by Barry's Tickets.

Segment No. 1

The conversation began with Doc Rivers providing insight into what it was like playing high school ball in the basketball hotbed of Chicago. He would also share his perspective on why players are better off spending at least two years in college, before touching on his NBA Finals battles against the Lakers from his time as head coach of the Celtics.

Segment No. 2

Doc Rivers discusses the positives and negatives surrounding his team as they gear up for a sixth consecutive trip to the playoffs. Rivers also mentions that he believes this is the best team he's had since coming to the Clippers, with an ideal balance of top-tier starters and quality bench players. He then elaborates on the challenges of balancing his roles as head coach and president of basketball operations.

Segment No. 3

Doc Rivers wraps things up by touching on what he learned from Gregg Popovich, the evolution of his son, Clippers guard Austin Rivers, and the longevity of Jamal Crawford.

Check out the images from "Inside the Locker Room" with Doc Rivers below.

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