Julio Urias a key instrument in Dodgers World Series quest

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 19:  Julio Urias #7 of the Los Angeles Dodgers delivers a pitch against the Chicago Cubs in the first inning of game four of the National League Championship Series at Dodger Stadium on October 19, 2016 in Los Angeles, California

"There's not enough superlatives to say about the kid. He just continues to get better. He's dealt with a lot. We've put a straightjacket on him at times, and he's dealt with it perfectly. We've never mistreated him, but we've always been so careful with his health that I could see why he would be really frustrated. 

"I don't know what we are planning on doing with him this year, but I know that in order to win a World Series, which everyone in this camp believes we can do this year, he's going to play a big part." -- Matt Herges on Julio Urias

Former Dodger and current Triple-A Oklahoma City pitching coach Matt Herges joined David Vassegh on Dodger Talk this week to discuss a bevy of topics surrounding the Dodgers. 

Herges touches on preparing players for the majors, learning from Sandy Koufax as a young pitcher and what to expect from Julio Urias on the mound this season.

Listen to the full interview below.

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