Which team would you rather be running: Clippers or Lakers?

L.A.'s two NBA teams square off at Staples Center on Tuesday night, sparking a question: which team would you rather be running?

The Clippers are a perennial playoff contender with three All-Stars in their starting lineup, but they have also failed to achieve any significant postseason success with this current group. The Lakers, meanwhile, are an NBA bottom feeder with a plethora of young talent and a possible top-three draft pick on the way.

Fred Roggin and Rodney Peete discussed the topic at length on Tuesday during "Lunchtime" with Roggin and Rodney. 

Rodney: "I'm taking the Clippers. With Deandre [Jordan] and Blake [Griffin] still having many years left in this league, Chris Paul can still get it done for a few more years, I'm taking the Clippers."

"Okay, well those guys have many more years left, and Chris Paul still has some time. What's going to be different? As Dennis Green would've said, 'They are who we thought they were.'" -- Fred

Rodney: "Give me one more guy. If they got Melo, it changes the conversation."

Listen to the full debate below.

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