Doug Adler talks ESPN lawsuit on L.A. Today

"Those people, one, don't know tennis, and two, need a dictionary." 

Fired ESPN tennis analyst Doug Adler joined L.A. Today on Tuesday to dispel rumors that he is a racist and discuss the lawsuit he has brought forth against his former employer. 

Adler was fired following a comment made during a tennis match last month involving Venus Williams. Adler described Williams as having a "guerrilla" style of play, which a large faction of social media immediately interpreted as a derogatory, racially-charged mark. "Guerilla" is a tennis term describing an aggressive style of play.

According to Adler, ESPN simply deemed that he was not a big enough name to fight for and caved to public pressure.

"ESPN folded up because they weren't willing to do their due diligence," he said. "Doug Adler wasn't a big enough name to protect."

Listen below, as Adler joins Fred Roggin and Jason Smith for an exclusive interview

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