Scout: Joe Mixon 'isn't half the d—bag' Tyreek Hill was

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 25:  Tyreek Hill #10 of the Kansas City Chiefs watches a reply from the bench after scoring during the 1st quarter of the game against the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium on December 25, 2016 in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Phot

In a recent column for SI's MMQB, Albert Breer dove into the draft prospects of troubled Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon.

Mixon's NFL future is bleak at the moment due to the release of a disturbing video showing him punching a woman at a bar, breaking bones in her face. As horrific as Mixon's actions are, however, one scout points to the Kansas City Chiefs drafting Tyreek Hill — a player with an arguably darker past — last year.


“It needs to be the right market, a team that can handle the onslaught, the right PR staff, because you’ll have to weather the storm,” said one area scout assigned to the Sooners. “But the guy the Chiefs drafted [Tyreek Hill], Joe Mixon isn’t half the d-----bag that guy was. You’d have to search to find people that don’t like him. Maybe the parking-lot attendant. Everyone there loves him. And I believe them.”

Hill, who the Chiefs drafted in the fifth round in 2016, was dismissed from Oklahoma State in 2014 after being arrested and accused of choking and hitting his girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time. He would eventually pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation. 

Mixon's situation presents a unique predicament for NFL teams. Without baggage, he is possibly the top running back talent in this year's draft. Due to off-the-field issues, though, he will be undraftable to some organizations.

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