Rams logo change hints at return to Blue & White

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Roman Gabriel (18) narrowly escaped being thrown for a touchback during third quarter of their game with Dallas Cowboys at Coliseum in Los Angeles, on Saturday, Nov. 23, 1969. Gabriel threw two touchdown passes and scored once

The 2017 season will welcome a plethora of changes for the Los Angeles Rams, which following a disastrous 206 campaign, appears to be just what the franchise needs.

Head coach Jeff Fisher was ushered out of town before the end of the season, marking the end of an era littered with mediocrity. Now, with 30-year-old Sean McVay at the helm, it is time to begin rebuilding the Rams brand.

Organizational, personnel and coaching changes are not the only new wrinkles for this team. According to Uni Watch, the Rams will also be making a logo change — and one that hints at a return to a throwback color scheme.

The Rams' gold color that has been a staple for decades is out, and it looks like a return to the Blue & White uniforms of the 1960s is on the way.

Rams fans: What do you think about this change?

Photo Credit: HF/AP

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