Chance Says He Models His Game After Patrick Beverley

We all know Chance The Rapper is one of the best artists in the game right now. But his love for basketball is something people don't see that often. 

Chance was asked which NBA player he models his game after when he plays pick up basketball with his friends. 

His answer? Patrick Beverley. 

NBA fans know that Patrick Beverley is someone who takes pride in his defense and harasses point guards night in and night out. 

Chance is always looking to do the same when he is on the court. 

Chance The Rapper was seen last year having a shoot out with Migos and Pacers foward Myles Turner with the winner getting $100,000. 

Quavo in this video looked like he got the best of Chance, but clearly if he is modeling his game after Patrick Beverley, he knows he is a lockdown defender. 

Photo: Getty Images

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