Is Shaq Opening A Restaurant In LA?

The Los Angeles Lakers have never had a more interesting player than Shaquille O'Neal.  Then former Laker won three titles during his stint in LA, played in a handful of movies and was one of the most comedic players off the court the NBA has seen. However, the current NBA analyst may want to dip into the restaurant business. 

According to Eater LA, the Laker legend has plans to open a restaurant at LA Live that may be called Shaquille's. This isn't Shaq's first idea of getting into restaurant scene. Last month O'Neal announced he was filming an eight-episode reality show on Facebook called "Big Chicken Shaq" showing his adventure of opening a chicken restaurant in Las Vegas. 

Per Variety

"It's going to be so much fun designing my own restaurant, and I can't imagine a better group of people to do it with than with my incredibly loyal Facebook fans."

Photo: Getty Images

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