Colin Cowherd: Cam Newton is a Better Fit With Patriots Than Tom Brady Was

Colin Cowherd: “Tampa is perfect for Brady. When you give him weapons he is the great conductor. He gets everyone in the right spot, he plays to their strengths, he puts the ball in the right spot, he doesn’t turn it over, and he takes just enough risks. Cam has always been a lead singer, and it’s not as much about the orchestra. When you give Cam NOTHING to work with he’s better than Tom. On Sunday, I don’t believe Tom Brady could have gone to Seattle, gotten into a shootout with Russell Wilson who’s playing virtually perfect football, and would have gotten them to within one play and three yards of winning. Cam Newton with THIS roster, and THIS team, and NO deep threat, and BELOW AVERAGE tight ends, and with the greatest offensive line coach leaving, and they had eight players opt-out, and free agents left, and they don’t have a kicker who they can trust ---- came within a play of beating maybe the third or fourth best team in the league… It’s okay to just admit that Cam works for this New England group and Tom will eventually work really well for that group in Tampa, and wouldn’t be quite as good with this group in New England.” (Full segment above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Cam Newton is a better fit and better player when playing with THIS group of New England Patriots players than Tom Brady would have been if he had stayed in New England for his 21st season in 2020.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks Cam just works better with this particular personnel than Brady could.

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