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The Dan Patrick Show

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How Many Active Hall of Famers are There?? (with Foolish Baseball)

Talkin' Jake is joined by Foolish Bailey to figure out how many Hall of Famers are playing RIGHT NOW

Wake n Jake is available on YouTube! Check out everything from this show there:



0:00 Intro

4:00 The Hall is Smaller 

5:30 Shoo-In Hitters

10:45 Shohei Ohtani

12:35 30 Year Olds Who Can Lose It

20:05 Young Studs

25:00 Inconsistent Careers

28:40 LOCK Pitchers

35:35 deGrom & Chris Sale

43:40 Funny Pitcher Names Who Have a Chance

48:50 Giancarlo Stanton & Kyle Schwarber

52:40 Catchers??

59:10 Fun Hitter Names


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