Russell Wilson Reacts Directly to Bill Belichick’s Comments

Russell Wilson Reacts Directly to Bill Belichick’s Comments

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson joined Dan Patrick and Dan asks him directly what he thinks about Patriots Head Coach, Bill Belichick’s comments about him. Dan also asks him if Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll will ever let him be more of a passing QB in the first 3 quarters of the game instead of only in the 4th quarter. Plus, Dan discusses Wilson’s new podcast titled, "Danger Talk" as well as what interests Wilson about this upcoming game against New England.

Dan Patrick:“Did you hear what Belichick had to say about you?” 

Russell Wilson:“I didn’t hear exactly what he said…” 

Dan:“…Man, this is a love letter to you Russ…he never said that about Tom Brady…” 

Russell:“Yeah, listen, I think he’s trying to warm me up for the game…Definitely, to hear something like that from Coach Belichick; he’s one of the, you know, he’s the best coach arguably to ever coach the game, you know, with all these championships he’s won over the past 20 years and what he’s done. I’m interested in this game, not just because of Cam (Newton) and I but, more so between the two oldest coaches in Pete Carroll, 69, and Coach Belichick being 68. Both of those guys have so much wisdom and understanding of the game.”