Saints Need to Take the Ball Out of Washed Up Drew Brees' Hands

Ben Maller: “Drew Brees has looked like a guy who should be holding a microphone and broadcasting the game rather than playing in the game… This rapid progression has been magnified by the loss of Michael Thomas… Slowly but surely, Drew Brees is getting worse and worse in front of our eyes. His accuracy and arm strength has gone down. Yards after catch is the only way the Saints can pick up chunk plays, and Brees is not able or not willing to throw the ball down the field. As much as you want to celebrate Brees’ ‘high football IQ’ and his ‘moxie’, that only gets you so far. The Saints have to evolve and Sean Payton knows it. You can no longer depend on Brees to get it done week after week. Brees has averaged 4.8 air yards per pass this season through two games which is the lowest he’s had as a member of the Saints. He’s never been more of a short thrower than he is now, and his arm looks shot. He looks like he has no arm left. You have to accept the inevitable decay and the Saints have got to change it up. Drew Brees needs to take more a supporting actor’s role. Two words, GAME-MANAGER.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why the New Orleans Saints need to take the ball out of Drew Brees’ hands going forward, and simply turn the 41-year-old into a seldomly-depended on ‘game manager’.

Brees doesn’t have the worst numbers in the world, ranking 17th in QBR and 16th in passer rating, but he’s just 23rd in passing yards, and is 32nd in Air Yards, as Brees effectively has thrown only dinks and dunks for the first two games.

Check out the video above as Maller details why he thinks Brees is completely ‘shot’, and why the Saints need to quickly figure out a way to faze him out of the offense before it’s too late.

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