Tommy Pham Has No Regrets Over Joc Pederson Slap

Outfielder Tommy Pham has no regrets about how he handled the Joc Pederson/fantasy football situation in May. In fact, Pham has no regrets about he handled things just a couple months ago.

“If anything, he’s lucky I didn’t hurt his a** even worse,” Pham said recently while discussing the incident, per The Boston Globe.

Pham, who was with the Reds at the time, approached Pederson and slapped the former Dodger outfielder in the face prior to their first meeting of the season at Great American Ball Park. Pham was pulled from the lineup prior to the start of the game.

Pederson, explained that the beef had started on a text chain last year, when he was accused of cheating in a fantasy football league among several MLB players.

Photo: Getty Images

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