(VIDEO): Diamondbacks Fans Heckle Freddie Freeman During At-Bat

Los Angeles Dodgers v Washington Nationals

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Dodgers started a series against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Thursday and the first game of the series wasn't close.

Since the game wasn't close, some Diamondbacks fans decided to heckle Freddie Freeman while the score was already 10-1 with the Dodgers being up. (Video below)

That obviously didn't work since Freddie Freeman was the brightest star on a night and almost every member of the Dodgers lineup shined, going four for five with five RBIs and his first home run since April 24.

Freeman left the Atlanta Braves to go home and play in Los Angeles for the Dodgers. The 32-year-old was born in Fountain Valley, California and grew up in Orange, California which isn’t far from Los Angeles.

The Dodgers look to take another one in Arizona today.

Photo: Getty Images

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