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Here Are The Possible Scenarios For The Dodgers Heading Into Postseason


Today promises to be an exciting final day of the MLB regular season, with the Dodgers and Rockies entering play locked in a tie atop the NL West. 

Both teams have already clinched a berth in the Postseason, and depending on today’s outcomes (and a possible Tiebreaker tomorrow), the Dodgers could be either the No. 2 or 3 seed as the Division Champion, or the No. 5 as a Wild Card.

Here are possible scenarios: 

  • If the Dodgers beat the Giants, and the Rockies lose to Washington: The Dodgers are the NL West champions and open Postseason Play in the NLDS on Thursday at Dodger Stadium vs. Atlanta.

  • If the Dodgers lose to the Giants, and the Rockies beat Washington: The Dodgers are the second Wild Card, and will travel to either Milwaukee or Chicago for the Wild Card game on Tuesday.

  • If the Dodgers and Rockies both win or lose today: there will be a Tiebreaker tomorrow at 1:09 p.m. at Dodger Stadium: Rockies @ Dodgers for NL West title, Monday, Oct. 1, 1:09 p.m.  The winning team advances to NLDS vs. Atlanta, while the losing team will play Tuesday at either Milwaukee or Chicago in Wild Card. Tickets: Will go on sale immediately after the conclusion of today’s games at

Other scenarios to watch today:

  • Homefield Advantage for NLDS: Entering play today, the Dodgers and Rockies have the same record as the Atlanta Braves (NL East champions). The division winner with the best record will have homefield advantage for the NLDS, and both the Dodgers and Rockies hold a tiebreaker over the Braves by virtue of winning the season series over Atlanta.

  • Race for the NL Central: The Brewers and Cubs enter today’s game with identical records, and would play a Tiebreaker tomorrow, if necessary, in Chicago to determine the NL Central champion. The division winner would represent the top seed in the National League, and the runner-up would host the Wild Card game on Tuesday against either the Dodgers or Rockies.

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