This City Has The Best Food In All Of California

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If you are a self-proclaimed "foodie," than you probably have a strong opinion about the restaurants in the supposed "city with the best food" in your state. The city with the best food is typically a location known around the country that has been made popular for a specific style of cuisine served specially in the area. Wether it be Mexican, Asian, American, or Indian cuisine; this city provides a quality and quantity of food high enough to surpass the expectations' of even the toughest critics.

According to a list compiled by Lovefood, the city that serves the best food in the entire state of California is San Francisco. You name it, this city has it. San Francisco is home to the most restaurants in the entire country. It is known specifically for its abundance of American cuisine, but also features a lot of ethnic options. Lovefood recommended trying out the croissants from Tartine's San Fran on your next food tour through the city!

Here is what Lovefood had to say about the city with the best food in California:

"Fighting off great competition from its sister Cali cities, San Francisco comes out on top as the best city for food in California. It's the most restaurant-dense city in America, with countless awards to show for it. And many a great American chef has made their name in the American food scene via San Francisco. In San Francisco you can easily eat your way around the world in a day."

For more information regarding the city in each state that serves the best food visit HERE.

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