WATCH: Former NASCAR Driver Saves Donkeys From Sinking California Island

Donkey Near Kato Meria

Photo: Getty Images

Former NASCAR driver Kenny Shepard rescued two donkeys from near doom as an island began to disappear and water levels rose. So, what exactly was Sheppard doing near a stranded island and more importantly, how did the donkeys get there?

Sheppard lives near Lake McClure in Mariposa, California and offered to volunteer among other locals to help bring the donkeys to safety. According to UPI, donkeys are native to the area. The pair supposedly wandered off from a larger group of donkeys and found themselves on a small chunk of land that began to give to the surrounding water.

The same volunteers look over group of donkeys every day by feeding them, and making sure that they do not wander off.

UPI mentioned that rescuing the stranded male and female donkey was not an easy task. It actually took an entire three weeks to plan with Shepherd paying a pretty penny to fund the mission. In fact, a new structure was created and had to be considered safe enough to transport the donkeys.

Sheppard had to contact donkey experts, government agencies, and more before the mission was successfully completed and the donkeys were brought to safety. The donkeys are currently residing at University of California Davis for treatment.

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