WATCH: Brawl Breaks Out After Woman Knocks Off Man's Hat At Dodgers Stadium

Hands of woman photographing baseball game with cell phone

Photo: Getty Images

Another fight broke out during a Major League Baseball (MLB) game, but this time in Los Angeles. A video on Twitter caught the moment an intense brawl happened during Dodgers Stadium this week.

The footage begins with multiple women arguing and swinging with each other during a game between the LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks. When a man steps in front of the woman in a grey hoodie, a woman wearing a black jacket knocks the hat off the man. Soon after, the hoodie-wearing woman strikes another nearby male, prompting the woman in the black jacket to throw a jab at the guy in front of her.

The man topples over onto the seats as woman in the black jacket and the hoodie-wearing lady to start duking it out. The brawl escalates from there as the crowd moves in, and security steps in to break it up.

The clip has over 385,000 views as of Thursday afternoon (May 19). No word on if charges were filed in the wild incident.

The fight at Dodgers Stadium is one of the many fights that went down during the 2022 season. Just a few weeks ago, a huge fight cleared benches during a match between the New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals. That was also caught on camera.

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