California Woman Pretends To Be A Dental Hygienist For 5 Years

Dental hygienist working on patients teeth

Photo: Getty Images

California police made an interesting discovery on Tuesday pertaining to a fraudulent dental hygienist. According to FOXNEWS, 50-year-old Elizabeth Larijani faked her hygienist certification while working in and out of dental offices for five years.

She bounced around between 10 dental clinics from 2015 to 2020 and either worked, or tried to work on patients' teeth without any kind of certification that permitted her to do so. Larijani's behavior was recently dug up by Dental Board investigators. The last thing patients should have to worry about when entering a dentists office is wether or not the person about to work on their teeth is certified to do so.

"The last thing someone needs to be worrying about is whether the person cleaning their teeth, or using anesthetics, is licensed to do that work," district attorney Jeff Rosen shared.

Larijani's fraudulent behavior has garnered felony charges for impersonation while trying to obtain a job. FOXNEWS mentioned that Larijani was taken into custody in Arizona, and was extradited in San Jose. Rosen expressed just how grateful he is for Arizona law enforcement agencies' role in locating Larijani.

"We are grateful to the Dental Board investigators who brought these violations to our attention, and to the law enforcement agencies in Arizona who assisted us in locating the defendant."

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