Justin Turner On Re-Signing With The Dodgers, Trevor Bauer Signing & More

World Series champion Justin Turner talks about returning to the Dodgers, having Trevor Bauer in the clubhouse, and going for another World Series Championship ring.

On fans asking him to re-sign while walking his dog:

We are walking around the neighborhood wearing your mask so people are walking by you and they aren't really sure. They get like 40ft-50ft past me and I just hear: "YOU GOTTA SIGN WITH THE DODGERS!" The guy is standing there and pumping his fist.

On Trevor Bauer in the clubhouse:

He has his company with Momentum and trying to give fans a behind the scenes look at everyday life here at Spring Training. I'm sure there is conversations and talk about some boundaries. There's probably a few places that it is not okay to have that thing. He has been great so far.

Listen to the conversation!

Photo: Getty Images

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