Vin Scully Reacts To The Passing Of His Friend Tommy Lasorda

The Los Angeles Dodgers Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Dodgers Hall of Fame great Tommy Lasorda has died, the team announced. He was 93. The Dodgers confirmed that Lasorda passed away Thursday night after suffering a heart attack.

“There are two things about Tommy I will always remember,” Dodgers broadcasting titan Vin Scully said. “The first is his boundless enthusiasm. Tommy would get up in the morning full of beans and maintain that as long as he was with anybody else.
“The other was his determination. He was a fellow with limited ability and he pushed himself to be a very good Triple-A pitcher. He never quite had that something extra that makes a major leaguer, but it wasn’t because he didn’t try. Those are some of the things: his competitive spirit, his determination, and above all, this boundless energy and self-belief. His heart was bigger than his talent and there were no foul lines for his enthusiasm.”

Photo: Getty Images

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