Lakers Will Wait For Fans To Return To Stands For Banner Reveal

The Los Angeles Lakers took down the Miami Heat in October to win their seventeenth championship in franchise history. Now, they have a quick turn around and will take on the Los Angeles Clippers tonight from Staples Center.

Dave McMenamin was told by Tim Harris that the Lakers will not be unveiling a banner until the fans head back in to the stands & instead will put a black cloth over it. Here is the full statement:

"We won't be unveiling a banner because we want to wait for the fans on that," Lakers president of business operations Tim Harris told Dave. "When you win a championship, the championship has a lot of quote-unquote owners. A championship belongs to the team, it belongs to the players, it belongs to the fans.
"And then the stuff that comes with a championship, the assets that come with a championship, it's kind of like the ownership group are the caretakers of the trophy. And the rings when you win a championship, those belong to the players. And the banner when you win a championship belongs to the fans. That's kind of how I look at this."

Photo: Getty Images

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