MLB Will Reportedly Inform Teams Of No Universal DH In 2021

It looks like Major League Baseball will go back to how things use to be for the 2021 season.

MLB instructed clubs in a memo last week to operate under the assumption that there won't be a designated hitter in the National League during the 2021 campaign,The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal reports.

No final decision has been made, and "few will complain if the league and union reach agreement to the contrary," Rosenthal adds.

Some teams, including the San Francisco Giants, have already approached the offseason as though there won't be a DH in the NL next season. Commissioner Rob Manfred said October that MLB will return to "status quo" in terms of the extra-inning rule, seven-inning doubleheaders, and universal DH, absent an agreement with the MLBPA.

Once the MLB agreed that the season will be only 60 games, they adopted several new rules in which included a DH in both leagues.

Photo: Getty Images

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