Joc Pederson Proposes Adrián González Should Box Jake Paul

What a treat we had this weekend in the boxing ring. Everyone is talking about the fight that we all witnessed between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. in a heavyweight exhibition at Staples Center to raise money for multiple charities. Tyson and Jones Jr. were part of a co-main event that also featured YouTube star Jake Paul and NBA player Nate Robinson.

The end result of the fight was YouTube sensation Jake Paul knocking out Nate Robinson cold & it went completely viral the moment that it happened. It was Paul’s second professional fight, and the pro boxing debut for Robinson. The result had players like Justin Turner and Joc Pederson to comment on what just happened at that moment. When Joc chimed in on social media, he decided to propose to Mario Lopez to arrange for former Los Angeles Dodgers teammate Adrian Gonzalez to fight Paul. Gonzalez famously incorporated boxing into his offseason training program as a means of improving conditioning and core strength.

Would you like to see that fight happen?

Photo: Getty Images

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