Mookie Betts Purchases $7.6M Mansion Last Owned By UCLA Coach Chip Kelly

Could Mookie's first year in Los Angeles be any better? An MVP finalist, Gold Glove Winner, Silver Slugger, & more importantly, a World Series champion. Now things have gotten even better

Mookie Betts, the five-time Gold Glove winner batted out $7.6 million for his house, located in the celebrity-favored San Fernando Valley community of Encino.

Variety reveals the seller of Betts’ new home is also a famous professional sports figure. In August 2018, former NFL coach Chip Kelly now head coach of the UCLA Bruins and his wife Jill Cohen paid $7 million for the then-brand-new structure, which was built and sold by a local developer. Barely two years later, the couple flipped it to Betts at a $600,000 profit —all before taxes, holding costs, and any hefty realtor fees are factored into the equation.


Photo: Getty Images

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