Joe Kelly Speaks Out On The Suspension Handed Down To Aroldis Chapman

Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks

When Joe Kelly came over from the Boston Red Sox, the Dodgers knew that they were going to get a firey pitcher who is not at all afraid to speak out on any issue.

On Sunday afternoon, Kelly was asked about the situation. Aroldis Chapman, intentionally threw at a Rays’ player and was only issued a 3-game suspension. For Kelly, that did not seem to add up all the way.

It definitely looks kind of fishy for myself. I originally had thoughts on it when I saw the Chapman thing. The language they used against me is that I was the repeat offender…Chapman had the same exact thing but I’ve probably said a lot more words than Chapman said. I don’t think the words I used to the people that make these positions were very nice when the appeal process went down. I would still like to know what they think, what the difference is. And if it’s not the same then whats the standard for it. Because if its 8 games, then it’s 3 games for the suspension and 5 for making the face or supposedly for making the other team leave the benches.

Kelly is making his way back from injury after going on the IL due to shoulder inflammation.

Photo: Getty Images

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