Will Smith Responds To Fan After Hitting His Cardboard Cutout During A Game

During the Dodgers’ 5-4 loss to the Giants on Saturday, catcher Will Smith sit a solo homrun in the in the 9th inning to cut the lead to 1 run. But while the club’s late rally fell short, that homerun also ended up taking out a fan who bought a cardboard cut out of himself at Dodger Stadium.

The fan that tweeted out the highlight of his cutout getting taken out by Will Smith even got a response by Will Smith on Twitter:

Sorry I took your head off... shoot me a dm and I’ll hook it up for you

According to Donley, Smith will be sending him “something” in the mail. I'm not sure if this something that Donley will be able to forget for the rest of for the rest of his life. A lot of people will be able to say they’ve caught a home run hit by Will Smith at Dodger Stadium but how many can say their cutout took a line drive off the face?

Photo: Getty Images

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